Ivy M. Parker - A Pioneer in Corrosion

Ivy Parker grew up in the early 1900’s in what was then the Territory of New Mexico. She attended Teacher’s College in Canyon, Texas as a textile major, but found it boring and soon switched to chemistry. After graduation, Ivy received a teaching fellowship at the University of Texas, earning accolades, scholarships, and more advanced degrees -- an MA in chemistry and then a Ph.D. She heard about the growing oil refining industry through a friend and pursued her first post as a chemist. Her work on cooling water in overhead condensers brought her to the field of corrosion and led her to present a paper at the very first CORROSION conference in 1944. Ivy went on to become the first editor of CORROSION Journal, among her many other accomplishments, laying the groundwork for men and women alike to follow her example of excellence.

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