Celebrating 75 Years of Corrosion Prevention

NACE is commemorating this milestone anniversary by honoring our members' accomplishments and dedication to protecting people, assets and the environment from corrosion.

From the Archives

Richmond, CA, 1957

Consolidated Western Steel Division workmen vacuum test welded seams of stainless steel lining of a two million gallon ammonium nitrate reservoir at the Hercules Powder Co. plant near Richmond, Calif. The 200-foot diameter bowl, unused since World War I when it housed TNT, is being readapted as a strorage reservoir. Stainless steel was specified as the lining because it is highly resistant to the corrosive action of ammonium nitrate.

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Ivy M. Parker - A Pioneer in Corrosion

Parker's work on cooling water in overhead condensers brought her to the field of corrosion and led her to present a paper at the very first CORROSION conference in 1944. Ivy went on to become the first editor of CORROSION Journal, among her many other accomplishments, laying the groundwork for men and women alike to follow her example of excellence.

NACE Member Stories

When NACE camaraderie lifted me personally and professionally

In October 1968, fresh out of graduate school, I began to work for my father, Kenneth Tator, who owned a sole proprietorship, Kenneth Tator Associates, a coatings consulting and panel testing company. He had started the business in 1949 when I was six years old, and worked hard at it afterward.

NACE Member Stories

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